To define an effective course of action

Don’t have a strategy for your marketing and communication efforts?  You’re probably wasting time and money.

It doesn’t matter how good your website looks, or how fabulous your ads are, or how frequently you utilize social media – without a plan behind your efforts you aren’t likely to connect.

Thousands of communication delivery choices exist today.  Every day a new platform, trend or app is identified that will save the world.  But how will it change your world if you don’t have a plan?

We provide the strategy to address your communication goals.  How?  We take the time to understand your business or organization, not just in terms of how we can utilize fancy bells and whistles, but who you are.  Really.

Research into the communities where you operate, what they have in common, what binds them together, and how you reach them, results in a custom plan to fit your needs.  Every time.

Experience in motivating people and reaching them where they are informs each step of the process along the way.  No short-cuts.

Message development, based on input and insight then drives message placement.  Not the other way around.


To capture, attract, gain or captivate

Too many firms provide solutions without problems.  We understand that it’s about Engagement. That’s it.

When you engage people – truly engage them, you reach them. End of story.

Behavior is all about engagement.  Engagement is the key ingredient to creating loyalty, support, and is the number one reason people choose who they are most likely to do business with.

Preparing any type of communication effort without engaging with your target audiences fails to consider that effective communication is active and not passive.  Would you want to do business with an organization that doesn’t really know you or what you care about?

We help people who want to succeed.  Period.

We’ve been around long enough to experience what works and what doesn’t.  Times change, but fundamentals don’t.

Hundreds of our clients have achieved success over the years.  Through our extensive network of expert communication professionals, we have the ability to harness whatever tools or platforms may be the perfect selection for your project.  By first developing your custom strategy, we then determine engagement and the best means to achieve your goals.

Large project or small, working to achieve your goals is paramount.

Resolve to Create Engagement in 2020

Each year I resolve to become more involved with more worthy organizations and to actively support their causes. It’s a part of who I am. In fact, I’ve often joked that I work simply to support my volunteer habit.

Over the years I’ve served on many, many boards of non-profit organizations. I’ve had the honor of Chairing many Boards and have worked to help set the direction moving forward. I’ve also been retained by many non-profits to help them refine their messaging, raise money and better understand how they can effectively generate support in both the near and long term.

Much of this depends upon the “story” being told. This is true with all organizations, not just non-profits. However, non-profits often have a strong emotional appeal, one that should be recognized and leveraged.

To be effective, organizations require an overall strategy. The strategy should include engagement. This means talking with those who may support your cause throughout the year, not just once or twice. Recently I received over a dozen emails requesting donations on Colorado Gives Day. I’ve never engaged with most of them. It’s obvious that I’m simply on their mailing list.

In contrast, there are groups that I hear from throughout the year. Because of this, I am more likely to support them. I know when I receive a request for a donation from them where the monies will be spent, what their purpose is and how I can connect in other ways. The groups that I’m familiar with are far more likely to receive a donation than those that I don’t know.

The most effective way to raise money is to present a case for what you are doing. This isn’t done quickly or for one day. I’ve been known to say that when non-profits are raising money, they should be aware that it is like a courtship. It takes time. Most first dates don’t end with a marriage proposal.

The glory of non-profits is their cause. This is what matters to people. Thus, messaging that enables me to share their purpose with others is much more likely to garner my support than graphics tracking donations to indicate how much more is needed to reach a particular goal.

Before you call me a Scrooge, let me say that I support many different groups monetarily and through pro bono work. It is for that reason that I shake my head when I see messaging that isn’t likely to connect for the long haul – to build loyalty over time.

This year, I challenge all non-profits, and for profit businesses as well, to consider what your mission and value propositions really are. Are you communicating them throughout the year to those who matter most to your organization? Are you creating buy-in so that people fully understand what you do and why you do it? Is your organization on cruise control, simply sending out information when there is an opportunity to garner donations?

In 2020, try thinking about involvement as an indicator of success. What are the different ways that customers, clients and donors can interact with your organization? Do you have plans that include messaging for your different target audiences? Do you have plans that will guide you throughout the year, and not just sporadically? If not, why?

My resolution for 2020 is to work more with non-profits that wish to separate themselves from the crowd. There is so very much be to gained when a thoughtful strategy is identified and put into place. I look forward to being captivated by the stories behind our worthy organizations!

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Stacy Cornay – Owner of Communication Concepts

Stacy Cornay the owner and founder of Communication Concepts, is an expert in the field of public relations and marketing. Due to over 30 years of hands-on experience with businesses, non-profits and individuals, she knows what works and what doesn’t.

Recognizing the need for customized planning and strategy for clients to be truly successful, Cornay founded Communication Concepts in 1994.

Utilizing a team of dedicated specialists, Communication Concepts has provided a wide variety of services to meet each client’s needs for 25 years.

Stacy Cornay is also a well-known columnist in the area. For many years she has had a monthly column, “Communication Concepts” in the Business Sections of both the Boulder Daily Camera and the Longmont Daily Times-Call. Her columns appear on this site.