Communication – an act of transmitting

Concepts – thoughts, ideas or notions

An act of transmitting thoughts, ideas or notions. Sounds simple.

But doing it effectively – ah…there’s the rub

Since 1994, we’ve been doing it effectively.

We know what it takes to transmit your thoughts, ideas and notions to customers and clients. We have guidance systems to take you and your business where you want to be. Our innovation, imagination and expertise can strengthen your bottom line. We have a proven track record for enhancing reputations and expanding the sales of our clients. We’re not a stereotypical public relations or advertising agency. We’re not into fluff, flash, smoke or mirrors. Our style is backed by substance. Our focus nets results. Our reputation is built on performance.

Return On Investment

Clients are interested in receiving a return on their investment - and they should be!

In the field of public relations and marketing, it is often difficult to quantify. There are gimmicks and various means of measuring impact, but too many agencies fail to consider the long-term impact of effective communication.

We measure our results in many ways with the focus on creating not only short-term awareness, but perhaps most importantly long-term awareness and loyalty. A good firm concentrates on relationships and engagement. We make it our business to have strong connections to opinion leaders and influencers - those who are critical to the support and promotion of causes, businesses and organizations. We know that it takes time to see results, and we plan for the future.

Stacy Cornay, owner of Communication Concepts Public Relations & Advertising, is a well-known area columnist who has had her marketing columns appear monthly in the Daily Times-Call for many years. Her work may also be found in other publications. A collection of recent articles is available below.

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