Public Relations

Positioning your business, products, services or issues to capture the public's imagination is at the heart of any successful communication plan. We know how to capture the media's attention. We can leverage sponsorships and events to your advantage. We can move you from the back ranks to leading your field of endeavor. We provide our clients:

  • Strategic planning
  • Media relations
  • Focus groups
  • Community outreach
"If I was down to the last dollar of my marketing budget I would spend it on PR." - Bill Gates

Reputation Management

Targeted advocacy and reputation management require specialized expertise. We have that expertise. We can put it to work for you. We understand and can capitalize upon the difference between marketing and reputation management. Public opinion isn't solely a matter of catchy ads and cute tag lines. Public opinion is influenced by the hard work of people who know the issues and appreciate the environment.

The key to success is not only causing change, but causing change that has positive impacts for you and your business. The positive changes we cause are a result of solid footwork and strategic planning. Our track record of success attests to our know-how. We provide our clients:

  • Planning, marketing and implementation
  • Full-scale public relations
  • Focus groups
  • Message positioning
"Whatever failures I have known, whatever errors I have committed, whatever follies I have witnessed in public and private life have been the consequences of action without thought." - Bernard Baruch

Strategic Communications

Talk is cheap. But trying to communicate without strategies can be expensive. We know how to develop comprehensive marketing, advertising and public relations plans. Those plans can be road maps to success for you and your business.

We don't believe in quick fixes to complex communication problems. We take time to get to know our clients, their problems and their aspirations. Then we tailor solutions to fit their particular needs. The old “one solution serves all” approach went out the window when we opened our doors. We're a one-stop agency offering our clients:

  • Communication planning and development
  • Positioning strategies to ensure positive public exposure
  • Advocacy so your voice is heard on issues of importance to you and your business
"They always say time changes things, but you actually have to change them yourself." - Andy Warhol

Focus Groups

Understanding what people think and why is critical to effective communication. Focus groups are a form of group interview that utilizes communication between research participants in order to generate data. Focus groups are specifically designed to leverage group interaction as part of the method.

This means that instead of the researcher asking each person to respond to a question in turn, people are encouraged to talk to one another: asking questions, exchanging anecdotes and commenting on each other's experiences and points of view. The method is particularly useful for exploring people's knowledge and experiences and can be used to examine not only what people think but how they think and why they think that way.

"He who asks a question is a fool for 5 minutes. He who does not ask a question remains a fool forever." - Chinese Proverb


Advertising for the sake of advertising is a waste of money. Knowing when and where and how to advertise pays off. Targeted advertising takes experience and know-how. Our experience and know-how, coupled with effective communication, can save you money and bring you new business. We offer our clients:

  • Original graphic design
  • Copy writing
  • Media buying
  • Strategic messaging
"A small thing has been made large by the right kind of advertising." - Mark Twain


If you don't know where you're going, how will you know when you get there? Good plans are your business road maps. And good plans take good planning. Planning retreats, brainstorming sessions and focus groups are central to planning processes. But without leadership from an experienced facilitator, they're a waste of time.

A good facilitator is skilled in keeping everyone on track and participating as well as using humor and imagination to draw the best from those participating. We know how to do that, how to make everyone part of the planning experience and how to capture input, then blend collective inputs into comprehensive outcomes. We facilitate to produce the results you need for good planning. Our clients benefit from:

  • Board and staff retreat planning and facilitation
  • Focus groups
  • Goal identification and implementation
"The more present we are as individuals and as organizations, the more choices we create. As awareness increases, we can engage with more possibilities. We are no longer held prisoner by habits, unexamined thoughts, or information we refuse to look at." - A Simpler Way by Margaret Wheatley & Myron Kellner-Rogers